Album Review: Swimming Tapes - 'Morningside'


London five-piece Swimming Tapes debut album ‘Morningside’ bridges the gap between dream pop and slacker rock. Swimming Tapes have drawn on a wide range of influences including The Beach Boys, Real Estate and Wild Nothing to create a natural authentic sound in the studio and for live shows. Although Swimming Tapes may have found their sound they continue to develop as a band while staying true to their unique ideas. Their debut album ‘Morningside’ shows how far they’ve come since releasing their debut single ‘Souvenirs’.

Album opener ‘Passing Ships’ is a magnificent track which sets a sun-kissed tone for the album. Track’s like ‘See It Out’ and ‘Silhouette’ show off a mix of 70’s retro and modern day slacker rock influences. Another highlight of ‘Morningside’ is the single ‘Pyrenees’ which is a delicate song with soothing vocals and a vintage melody - a very radiant pop sound which sums this album up perfectly. 

Knowing this is only the start for Swimming Tapes is really exciting, ’Morningside’ is a great first full length venture from this very talented band.

Words by Shaun Mulhern