Ottoman - 'Perfect Way To Go'

Ottoman’s new single is the ‘Perfect Way To Go’ and get yourself into Icelandic hard rock.

Much like previous single ‘Fire in the Hole’, Ottoman’s latest release ‘Perfect Way to Go’ is another hard rock belter of a tune. Influenced by stoner rock, Queens of the Stone Age and Arctic Monkeys, Ottoman have created a brilliant piece of rock n’ roll, comprising of heavy bluesy riffing, a wah guitar lead and booming drums – quintessential in hard rock if you ask me! Combine these with the melodic lead and backing vocals in the anthemic chorus, ‘Perfect Way to Go’ is akin to Slash ft. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators.

What’s great about ‘Perfect Way to Go’ is that it rocks, it rolls, and it is perfect for radio play. But it isn’t boring – it really gets you fired up. Ottoman are probably the best of the new breed of hard rock acts. Greeta Van Shit (sorry, Fleet) and The Amazons have nothing on these guys.

Words of Matthew Brocklehurst