MONOGEM - 'Lean'

MONOGEM shares a sultry cut of contemporary R&B on lustrous new single, ‘Lean’.

Led by MONOGEM’s tranquil vocal and combining all the best things about 90s/ early 00s R&B, with retro shimmering textures and futuristic synth, ‘Lean’ is an upbeat, exciting, airy groove that moves with a cool, clear, fluidity seeing MONOGEM’s listener pleasantly get caught up in her alluring undercurrent.

On the ideas behind the track MONOGEM explains, “It’s not easy being a woman in the music industry. Almost everything can seem to work against you. Lean is a song that combats that feeling without fighting, without any pushback. This isn’t a song about sexism, it’s about looking within, surrendering to what is and noticing what happens once you do”.

Taken from MONOGEM’s upcoming EP, ‘So Many Ways’ ’Lean’ is radiant, refined and ready to be added to your chill summer playlists.

Words of Karla Harris