Sophomooreik - 'BishBashBosh'

North West Londoner Sophomooreik follows up the release of his debut track ‘As Of Late’, with neurotic new grime single and accompanying video, ‘BishBashBosh’.

’BishBashBosh’ sees Sophomooreik deliver a high energy, mesmeric track that once again showcases his incredible vocal flow, intelligent word play and individualism Sophomooreik sets a dark and warped tone to the track which skilfully accentuates the mania in his vocal delivery as he kicks back against society’s expectations.

Thematically, Sophomooreik explains, “BishBashBosh exudes a youthful, rebellious energy from the start. This is what happens when the youth are able to speak up.  It’s about not being confined or constricted by society’s views on ‘people your age’ and instead becoming and living your own truth”.

Self assured and socially aware, twisted yet charming, ‘BishBashBosh’ represents another exciting release from an increasingly entrancing artist.

Words of Karla Harris