Colton Avery - 'Far Too Long'

Colton Avery.jpg

Colton Avery pleads for communication and connectivity on evocative new single, ‘Far Too Long’.

I’m a big fan of this new surge of artists like Colton Avery, Dermot Kennedy and Hazlett who are crafting indie folk-electronic crossover tracks led by hugely soulful and emotive vocals. Colton’s ‘Far Too Long’ is an impassioned cry to break down emotional barriers between himself and a loved one. The frustration and feeling of disconnect in the lyrical theme is emphasised through segments of evocative vocal manipulation and stuttering electronic beats, which overall creates a frenzied, frazzled atmosphere.

’Far Too Long’ is a very authentic track, optimistically searching for a breakthough. Colton’s emotive vocal weaves through rich, melodic textures as he makes the heartfelt plea, “help me to breach through, I just want to reach you, let it go love”. Written and produced with longtime collaborator Max Farrar, Colton explains ‘Far Too long is “a song for anyone who feels like they’re not worthy of love at times, and really about being the person standing there loving them anyways”.

If you’re looking for alternative contemporary music with emotional depth, Colton Avery is the guy for you.

Words of Karla Harris