Bria Lee - 'Piece By Piece'

Photo Credit: Meredith Truax

Photo Credit: Meredith Truax

Bria Lee reflects on reassembling her life ‘Piece by Piece’ on current emotive pop single.

Bria Lee has one of those rare vocal ranges that can deliver even the most saddest sombre themes in a way that is heartbreaking but also soothes like sunshine. While ‘Piece by Piece’ is drenched in melancholia, the track is also crafted to be sonically upbeat and hopeful with beautiful, understated, melodic textures. ‘Piece by Piece'‘s hooky chorus brings a heartwarming, danceable groove that hits like a huge, buoyant rush of emotion leaving its listener feeling grateful for the vulnerability and the tenderness in the personal yet relatable lyrics.

Of the inspiration behind the song, Bria says, “‘Piece By Piece’ is a song to help you realize that being broken is not the only option. It’s about taking the time to look inward and trying to put the pieces of your life back together, so that when you fall in love with the right person they can see the whole you. This song is about being transparent, speaking your heart, and remembering your voice”.

I’m really excited to hear what lovely things Bria Lee has in store for the rest of the year.

Words of Karla Harris