Conversing with Oceans - 'One'

Conversing with Oceans new single ‘One’ is a dark, steamy, slow burning indie rock banger that gets the adrenaline pumping.

’One’ is meticulously layered to be a beautifully melodic and immersive song full shadows, but shadows cannot exist without light so the band are measured in their sonic use of light and shade. Lead singer Alex Bondarev’s vocal is brooding and compelling, and switches between organic and more distorted effects which is haunting without losing its warmth and sincerity.

Lyrically, ‘One’ is quite simplistic in its message, and as Alex states “I’m not looking for perfection, I’m just trying to get some traction” it becomes clear this is a track concerned with real and truthful connections that are accepting of the flaws and darker and twisted sides of our personalities. There’s also a really cool reference to The Upside Down which should satisfy any Stranger Things fans out there!

Conversing with Oceans are creatively driven by remaining opening to exploring a broad range of sounds and styles and while there’s an underlying sense of nostalgia and a hooky indie rock ethos that drives the band, I couldn’t confidently tell you what to expect from the upcoming album that ‘ONE’ is taken from. However, I suspect it may be an eclectic record thoughtfully put together with real heart and authenticity.

Words of Karla Harris