B Boys – ‘Pressure Inside’


B Boys bring strong-spirited punk rock over from the Big Apple.

‘Pressure Inside’ is the latest release ahead of B Boy’s forthcoming album Dudu – and what a song. Built around a simple yet striking guitar riff, B Boys play proper old school punk with raw aggression and vigour. The band are influenced by The Clash and ‘Pressure Inside’ could easily be placed on The Clash’s debut. It’s minimalist yet packs a punch and has a lot more to offer when you really listen to ‘Pressure Inside’ – “Always busy in my mind/Can’t think things through”. And the way in which B Boys deliver these lines is similar to old school hardcore punk bands – they chant their way through the lyrics and everyone can join in. If it wasn’t on The Clash, ‘Pressure Inside’ would be on an early Black Flag or Minor Threat record.

Put all of this together, and B Boys have a similar vibe and appeal as Sleaford Mods, but with guitars. It’s minimalist, it’s exciting, but most of all, they speak a truth that everyone understands. Oh, and if you aren’t already sold on this band, they have already toured with the likes of Parquet Courts, Shame and Oh Sees. That’s how promising B Boys and ‘Pressure Inside’ is.

Words by Matthew Brocklehurst