Hannibal - 'Cellophane Love' (ft. Spaceman Crux)

Hannibal explores broken trust in relationships on hypnotic Conscious Hip Hop single, ‘Cellophane Love’ feat. Spaceman Crux.

Dreamy atmospherics and slick melodic beats are the backbone of Hannibal’s ‘Cellophane Love’ - a chilled yet profound cut of hip hop with intelligent lyricism which vocally travels through a soulful, warm mix of rapping and singing. A hypnotic and catchy tune equally mellow as it is thought provoking.
While Hannibal is currently shrouded in a sense of mystery, his music speaks for itself.

This is a deeply engaging and talented creative from Denmark with lots more tracks to check out on Spotify, including his brand new introspective tune ‘Feeling Fine’.

Words of Karla Harris