Oddnote - 'Dreams'

Turns out grunge may be making a comeback. Excellent!

Oddnote is Arman Asadsangabi from Nashville and is considered to be THE band for this generation’s fans of Soundgarden and Nirvana. That is definitely true. ‘Dreams’ has an obvious Nirvana influence in the song writing and dynamics. Oddnote utilise the ‘quiet/loud’ approach favoured by Kurt Cobain in more or less all of his material. The song begins with soft and melodic verse that with clean guitar chords and a simple and held-back drum beat. The chorus gets loud with distorted guitars and the drums, whilst not as thunderous as Dave Grohl, get bigger and more prominent in the mix.

You can hear elements of the Soundgarden similarities a lot more subtly in ‘Dreams’. There’s a strange tremolo sounding noise that fades in at the beginning and the cool guitar line (also tremolo-effected) in the chorus both give a nod to ‘Black Hole Sun’. And whilst the vocals aren’t quite as god-like as Chris Cornell, you can hear his influence in the chorus melody.

Despite being on the scene for a year or so, Oddnote has already made quite an impression. ‘Dreams’ offers heavy rock without the outright aggressiveness of today’s punk acts but isn’t mediocre radio-friendly rock that gets played all the time. It’s a bit different to what other bands are doing right now, and if Arman keeps this up, Oddnote will only get bigger and better.

Words of Matthew Brocklehurst