EP Review: Callum Pitt - 'Poisoned Reveries'

Callum Pitt pairs tranquil and turbulent indie rock dynamics on his folk-tinged four-track debut EP, ‘Poisoned Reveries’.

What we can see here with ‘Poisoned Reveries’ is all the things Callum Pitt’s fans have grown accustomed to; the rousing choruses, the compelling signature falsetto, the upbeat guitar licks, the beautifully poetic storytelling. But there’s also a slight progression of sound as Callum explores rough around the edges, heavier indie rock territory as seen on tracks like the upbeat ‘Forgotten Kids’.

Thematically, 'Poisoned Reveries’ sensitively and eloquently tackles the theme of mental health issues, seeing Callum offer support to a friend struggling on touching EP track, ‘Here If You Need’. EP focus track ‘Slow My Heart Rate Down’ is a personal song that explores Callum’s own experiences with anxiety; a track sonically crafted to initially be soothing and serene, progressing into a throbbing, restless, explosive orchestral influenced masterpiece, before regaining composure, intending to represent the physical and mental impacts of anxiety attacks.

’Here If You Need’, ‘Slow My Heart Rate Down’ and ‘Forgotten Kids’ sit alongside ‘Knocked The Wind Right Out Of Me’ which is the track on the EP most resembling Callum’s rich indie folk sound on his previous songs. ’Poisoned Reveries’ in its entirety is a majestic deluge of human suffering and hope which is both restrained and rowdy in all the right places.

Words of Karla Harris