Moglii - 'Lone Wolf' (Feat. NOVAA)

Moglii teams up with NOVAA once more for explorative electronic single, ‘Lone Wolf’ out now via Humming Records.

’s new single ‘Lone Wolf’ feat. NOVAA is a friendly reminder that music is absolutely an art form. This is a prime example of meticulously crafted electronic music which creatively combines organic and synthetic textures with a visceral and cerebral flair which awakens the senses. Revealing itself through multiple moods, ‘Lone Wolf’ opens with an ethereal vocal wail and the growl of a wolf, before diving into warped futuristic synth influences, providing a distorted, eerie backdrop to NOVAA’s pure vocal.

As the track develops, the tone and atmosphere because lighter, warmer and more uplifting to accommodate the track’s lyrical theme as it journeys through feelings of loneliness vs the desire for freedom and independence. On the track Moglii explains:

Novaa and I dedicate this song to the feeling of loneliness and roaming the world as a “lonesome wolf”; vulnerability and emancipation”. These contrasts are mirrored by different sound elements – digital, distorted synth drones throughout the verse meet soaring analogue planes. Whilst the first chorus dwells on the isolated vastness of the forest, the second chorus transforms this feeling into warmth and security. “Both aspects are profoundly rooted in the human being. We are encouraged not to fear loneliness and to seek inspiration from the “lone wolf” – who naturally embodies all these emotions”.

’Lone Wolf’ is a touching and thoughtfully crafted track embracing the beauty of self-sufficiency.

Words of Karla Harris