Lizzy Land - 'Losing My Head'

Lizzy Land  unveils six tracks of indie pop excellence on her exquisite debut EP  ‘intro music plays’ which includes the lush single, ‘Losing My Head’.

With its breezy melodies and uplifting textures its almost hard to remember that ‘Losing My Head’ is a vulnerable song that sometimes trickles with understated melancholy as Lizzy Land confesses with a soothing honesty, “I’m okay being lonely, cause no one really knows me”. Yet ‘Losing My Head’ in essence is an airy, ridiculously feel-good song that has its listener falling in love with the idea of falling in love, whether it be with yourself or someone else and just takes you to a relaxed and reassuring place of acceptance.

‘Losing My Head’ is taken from Lizzy Land’s debut EP which is an achingly lovely collection of nostalgia-drenched, sweeping soundscapes that no matter which emotion is depicted in the lyrical theme, consistently brings tender-hearted, unadulterated joy, leaving its listener glowing from the inside out.

Words of Karla Harris