Emma Elisabeth - 'Cavalry'

Swedish singer-songwriter Emma Elisabeth won’t let anything get in the way of love on reflective folk and country rock infused single, ‘Cavalry’.

‘Cavalry’ sees Emma Elisabeth channel a tenderness which arguably marks it at as her most exposed single on her debut album, Melancholic Milkshake’. Here, Elisabeth’s vocal delivery is soft, crisp and clean amidst spacious, jangly guitar arrangements, meandering percussion and swirling, reverent synth which beautifully compliments the romanticism in the lyrical theme.

On the track Elisabeth explains, “Cavalry is a song about longing, restlessness and daring to go for it. And it's about giving in to what you feel, because you can't force someone out of your thoughts anyway. No more waiting around. It's about the feeling that nothing/none can scare me off, even if they tried. So send in the Cavalry and point arms at me - it still won't stop me from thinking about you".

In terms of the album in its entirety, ‘Melancholic Milkshake’ draws from the best of sauntering 70s and 80s blues rock and soft rock influences, which takes the bitter with the sweet and is the perfect soundtrack for lazy summer days.

Words of Karla Harris