Perspex - 'Coffeeshop Rock'

Delinquent rock n’ roll strikes again – and I like it!

Just as I think I’ve heard all the new great guitar bands, another one comes around that I get hooked on straight away. York’s Perspex is the latest and I can’t get enough of their new single ‘Coffeeshop Rock’.

The first thing you notice are the vocals and lyrics. They are funny and delivered with a bored sarcasm that draws you in. For instance: “I’m a musician did you know?/… I play acoustic guitar/I’m in love with the loop pedal”. ‘Coffeeshop Rock’ just takes the piss (guys like or pretending to be Ed Sheeran come to mind) and how mediocre and dull that style of music is and the musicians behind it are. The chorus line: “Baby, I know what you want – Coffeshop Rock” suggests that these characters are self-entitled and believe they are the dog bollocks, when the likes of Perspex and music lovers, such as myself, don’t need.

Musically, Perspex use a simple yet effective/less is more punk approach. Perspex bring out the heavy riffing in the outro, but even then, it’s seems to be half-arsed, which makes it all so much cooler.  And what’s amazing is just how catchy ‘Coffeeshop Rock’ is!

Perspex don’t take themselves too seriously and write great rock n’ roll songs. What more do you need?

Words of Matthew Brocklehurst