Bengal Lancers - 'Last Orders'

Bengal Lancers share another cut of brooding yet danceable indie rock on new single, ‘Last Orders’.

’Last Orders’ is the title track taken from Bengal Lancers new EP and it is a lovely blend of melodic chiming textures, exciting synth, brooding bass and crunchy percussive rhythms. ‘Last Orders’ is a bouncy tune with a hugely emotive and affecting energy in a very engaging post-punk revival kind of way. Lead singer, Harry Sullivan is a hugely compelling vocalist and the melancholic singalong sensibility is hugely poignant, especially in the line, “how many times have I tried, I tried, to say so long to unhappiness” linking to one of the EPs main themes of creating discourse about mental health.

Comprised of four excellent tracks including the infectious, ‘Big Ideas’, ‘Last Orders’ EP is a vibrant and urgent record that intricately weaves melancholia through optimism to create an exciting and emotive record that screams of catharsis.

Words of Karla Harris