Hattie Whitehead - 'Ups and Downs (Live at St. Matthais)'

Richmond-born singer songwriter Hattie Whitehead shares a stunning live performance video of her beautiful single, ‘Ups and Downs’.

‘Ups and Downs’ is an introspective and honest song that as its name suggest, deals with the ups and downs of moving on from the loss of a loved one. There’s something incredibly wholesome about Hattie Whitehead’s folk-tinged vocal, her delivery is tender and matter of fact, pure and warm despite some of the melancholia in the lyrical theme.

In turn, there’s a pleasant warmth and a reassuring, familiar, folk pop bounce to the instrumentation that gives ample space to let Hattie’s vocal stay at the forefront of the song. This is a feel-good and refreshing approach to examining difficult emotions, and as the track builds, so does the emotion, allowing Hattie to step away from the restrain in the first half of the song to reach soaring, impassioned, catharsis.

Catchy and cute yet a little rough around the edges, this is a great live performance video that impressively shows off Hattie Whitehead’s authenticity, artistry and instant likeability.

Words of Karla Harris

’Ups and Downs’ is taken from Hattie Whitehead’s new EP, ‘Old Soul’ which is out now and available to stream, here.