EP Review: Heavy Rapids – 'Cash in Hand'


Glasgow indie-punks Heavy Rapids are here, and you better get used to it.

If you like Shame, then check Heavy Rapids out. And there is no better to do so as they release their debut EP Cash in Hand. Opening with the previously released single ‘Going Down’, it sets the tone for the EP and as a perfect statement for what Heavy Rapids are all about. It’s classic screaming in-yer-face punk, through and through. And what better way to get you to listen than the first lyric: “May I have your attention please/Please place your head between you knees”. You better brace yourself for the remaining tracks. Second track ‘Infected Nightmares (Frankenstein)’ also utilises the same formula as ‘Going Down’, but instead takes on a surf vibe like FIDLAR and Dead Kennedys Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables

‘Hurricane E’ is where it gets interesting. The song has a more alternative/indie feel with cool little guitar licks dotted about. They aren’t flashy, but they serve the song perfectly. Heavy Rapids are little bit like Sharks here, as they similarly combine a punk and alternative mix and execute it effortlessly.

Closer ‘Paisley Pattern’ sees the band return to the in-yer-face punk of ‘Going Down’. It’s reminiscent of Oi Punk, such as Sham 69, and US 70s bratty punk, such as Dead Boys. It’s infectious. But Heavy Rapids aren’t just snotty yobs playing great punk rock. Guitarist Jamie Crawford says, ‘Paisley Pattern’ is about “the vicious cycle of violence and crime [yet] it’s home to most of the best people I’ve met in my life”. So not only are Heavy Rapids a great band to get your rocks off to, they write passionately about real life.

Words by Matthew Brocklehurst