Deanna Petcoff - 'Stage Lights'

Deanna Petcoff balances solemn introspection with upbeat tones in her brooding indie cut, ‘Stage Lights’.

Deanna Petcoff’s ‘Stage Lights’ filters through the best of brooding 70s rock influences and delivers them in a timeless manner, seeing vintage textures connect with contemporary indie in a really affecting way. Opening with minimal arrangements, ‘Stage Lights’ leaves ample space to introduce Petcoffs throaty, warm vocal and touching lyrical delivery, exhibiting a loneliness and longing, amplified in the lyrics, “I’m always left alone now”.

Melodically and dynamically astute, ‘Stage Lights’ balances hopeful guitar tones with moody bass, and makes use of consistently intriguing drum patterns, allowing the song to feel gritty and alternative but also retaining a breezy singalong sensibility. Here, Petcoff is very skilled in knowing when to pull back to expose her evocative, intimate side and when to flesh out her sound to create an exhilarating and upbeat atmosphere.

A compelling cut of pensive indie rock that optimistically encourages its listener to dance through despondency.

Words of Karla Harris