Mottron - 'They Know'

French composer Mottron makes an impression with beautiful experimental pop song, ‘They Know’.

A lot of Mottron’s ethos reminds me of the things I love best about Arnor Dan and Olafur Arnalds when they collaborate together. For example, ‘They Know’ has an elegant contemporary classical feel to it and thought-provoking, poetic lyricism that isn’t afraid to touch upon bleak imagery. Mottron also modernises pure, classical influences by adding an electronic approach that has a timeless sophistication which also feels quite jazzy in parts of the song.

Mottron has an evocative, melancholic tinge to his vocal but the vocal melody soars with an ethereal hook that feels warm and hopeful, a mood which is heightened by pleasant instrumental breaks throughout the track which are filled with enchantment and wonder. A peculiar and affecting track executed with emotion and grace, ‘They Know’ is out now via  [PIAS].

Words of Karla Harris