Powerwalker - 'Two'

London-based four-piece Powerwalker release a shimmery cut of brooding indie/alternative on new single, ‘Two’.

have done one of my favourite things here in combining relaxed, ambient indie rock textures and hints of dreamy nostalgia with an element of angst. ‘Two’ is an easy listening cut that is richly textured, spacious and has some really beautiful imagery in lyrics like, “you were always a smile to me”.

There’s also an underpinning melancholia and disharmony as the lead singer laments, “different points of view” in a relationship, up against an evocative soundscape of melodic chiming guitars and brooding percussion.

This is the first song Powerwalker crafted as a band who explain ‘Two’ began as a lo-fi acoustic track before evolving into a shiny, harmony-laden song. This song will be very enjoyable for fans of bands like The Antlers, The Mountain Goats and Grizzly Bear.

Words of Karla Harris