Dude York - 'Should've'


It’s been two years since Seattle trio Dude York put out an album, and for the past couple of months they have been teasing us with songs to tide us over until the big release. The third single to be put out into the world is ‘Should’ve’.

Following on from the dreamy guitar-driven ‘Falling’ and the swaying revelry of ‘Box’ is an anthem that is drenched in lyrical content about hindsight and spiting yourself in your youthful angst. As vocalist Claire England says in the opening lines: “that’s just nostalgia – obsessed with the details and missing the point.” The upcoming album sees England and guitarist Peter Richards share vocal capabilities, and it is England who takes the reigns on ‘Should’ve’ whilst Richards’ guitar style whirls around in familiar, repetitive, catchy riffs. The mention of nostalgia in this song is a thread that binds the whole album together. England says: “I’m trying to capture the feeling of the music I listened to when I fell in love with music.” 

Dude York’s upcoming album ‘Falling’ will be released on 26thJuly via Hardly Art. 

Words by Tyler Damara Kelly