Real Authority - 'Depression Issues'


WARNING: This make cause explosion of the brain and broken neck due to headbanging and monstrous riffing.

On the first listen, ‘Depression Issues’ could be mistaken for Metallica or Slayer. Real Authority admit it is the heaviest song in their set with the down-tuned guitar riffing and thrash metal cymbal grabs. If you love that style of guitar music, then you’ll love this.

However, listen to it a lot more closely and you realise it’s not heavy for the sake of it. Yes, the vocals are growling like a hungry tiger (which I love), but you can hear the words. Real Authority go back to the heyday of 80s US hardcore punk (which any punk rocker will agree is at least damn good). But there is a hint of the intelligent hardcore of Gallows, particularly Grey Britain. There’s a half-time section and an organ in there too. Real Authority are looking at the details and intricacy of song writing and production.

It’s no secret that ‘Depression Issues’ is about depression. But what makes this slightly different from other songs that tackle the issue and stigma of mental health is that Real Authority don’t take it lightly or delicately – they look at the angst and frustration that comes with depression and a lot of other mental health issues and illnesses. It’s music as a release from the shit people deal with daily and makes you feel a little better than before.

‘Depression Issues’ is a fine slice of metal inspired hardcore punk. It’s the third release ahead of their forthcoming  EP True Motion, so make sure you don’t miss it.

Words by Matthew Brocklehurst