Wars - Fat Lil's, Witney 07/07/2019


Wars returned to Fat Lil’s in Witney, Oxfordshire on Sunday night and they did not send the crowd home disappointed.

Right before Wars hit the stage it was time for support from local boys Lastelle. With a combination of flowing dance moves, wavy hair and lots of head-banging, Lastelle got the crowd warmed up nicely for the main event. All of the band were non stop movement, especially lead singer Adam Rigozzi who acted as a post-hardcore wacky arm flailing tube man with infectious energy.

Lastelle’s songs were as long as the band's marvellous locks but they never seemed to drag due to the punchy and aggressive vocals. Overall Lastelle were fun, exciting to watch and post-hardcore goodness to boot and I look forward to seeing them again.

Finally, it was time for Wars to hit the stage and the lads from Rugby definitely hit the conversion. Right from the off lead singer Rob Vicars was encouraging the crowd to get involved and even I was singing along from behind my camera lens. This is my second time seeing Wars and once again they impressed. All members of the band have a great stage presence and with a thunderous backing track as well it creates a perfect storm of unmissable post-hardcore lighting bolts and hailing drums.

Wars are a band you don’t want to take your eyes off for a second out of fear missing something, in a similar vein to American gods Beartooth, their music takes your focus off everything except for what your hearing and watching unfold on the stage in front of you. “In A Mirror, Dimly” is a perfect example of this. Off their latest EP “As Within /// So Without” and is without a doubt of my favourite songs out currently. I love the pure aggression throughout the verses and then comes a chorus that will be carved into your mind so that when you are walking or driving home it all you have in your head and to put it bluntly, it is fucking glorious.

Wars are a band that I believe will continue to grow and grow and grow and it because of their consistently excellent music releases (I implore to listen to “As Within /// So Without” and their cover of “11 Minutes” and tell me I am wrong) and their consistently good live performances. Once you have seen them once you will want to go and go again and I can’t blame you. 

Words and Photography by Alfie Drake