McKenzie Jasper - 'Children of the Sun'

McKenzie Jasper takes his listener on a nostalgic journey through earthy indie folk rock textures on glowing single, ‘Children of the Sun’.

I’m dreaming for these, these months to come, that they be brighter than the sun” croons Mckenzie Jasper’s pleasing throaty folk vocal alongside tranquil, atmospheric finger picking, immediately setting a warm and upbeat tone for what is to come. ‘Children of the Sun’ is a track which makes use of moments of minimalism before it builds into an organic and incredibly authentic folk rock band sound.

McKenzie Jasper channels a huge sense of freedom and an intrinsic feeling of wonder and enthusiasm for life in ‘Children of the Sun’ which skips with a lively, carefree heartbeat, embracing intricately thought-out arrangements which are equally as earthy and grounded as they are nostalgic and dreamy. The perfect song to explore the secrets and joys of nature and a reminder to live in the moment and make beautiful memories to cherish.

Words of Karla Harris