JAYA - 'Maybe'

JAYA shares haunting and heartfelt dark alt pop on her striking new single, ‘Maybe’.

Wistful and brooding guitar tones welcome JAYA’s gorgeous atmospheric vocal as the track begins with a minimalist spaciousness, showing a tenderness as it reveals itself to be a huge shot of exposed emotion in the opening lyrics, “Maybe if I lie still enough, I’ll disappear. Maybe if you don’t hold me close enough I’ll fall through the cracks, are you coming with me? hitting straight at the heart.

‘Maybe’ is crafted to suspensefully build into grittier walls of sound featuring dramatic percussive arrangements, ambient, distorted and slightly eerie synth and guitar tones while JAYA’s vocal also becomes more ethereal as she laments, “that brings out all the ugliness in me” haunting her listener with both her vocal delivery and her lyrics simultaneously.

Thematically, ‘Maybe’ is a song that depicts an inner struggle, a longing for connectivity while feeling lost and wanting to disappear. But it’s also a plea for visibility, to be seen and to turn things around. It’s a raw and honest song which is unassumingly and achingly beautiful in its entirety.

Words of Karla Harris

‘Maybe’ is out now and taken from JAYA’s upcoming EP ‘Everybody’s Getting Married’.