Matt Corby and Tash Sultana - 'Talk It Out'

Photo credit: Dara Munnis

Photo credit: Dara Munnis

Matt Corby and Tash Sultana take soul influences to blissful funk-infused heights on new single, ‘Talk It Out’.

Hard to define with their limitless talents that often intertwine in their singular musical capabilities, are two of the most influential and versatile musicians from Australia. In what could be seen as the most obvious, yet least expected, collaboration – Tash Sultana and Matt Corby have collaborated on a funk-laden psychedelic offering that was originally intended to be on Corby’s latest album ‘Rainbow Valley’.

‘Talk It Out’ is the first collaboration that Sultana has actually released. In her own music, she builds up all of the soundscapes with layering of instruments and vocal melodies. Given that Corby is also a multi-instrumentalist who played and recorded every single instrument on his latest album, it makes complete sense that the pair decided to revisit this song and release it. Corby’s signature staccato-style of playing drums and bass is perfectly balanced with Sultana’s gooey psychedelic guitar riffs. Whilst you’re focused on enjoying the feeling of being lost in the warming way the pair work their instruments, it only amplifies when both of their silken voices harmonise and have the effect of a distant call-and-answer in the final half of the song. 

The effortlessness that is exuded in ‘Talk It Out’ allows the mind to wander and fantasise about a co-headlining tour with Sultana and Corby. Given that this collaboration was two years in the making, who knows whether their schedules could allow this to happen. Though there’s no harm is dreaming!

Words of Tyler Damara Kelly