thisisNAMASTE - 'Exactly What You Want'

thisisNAMASTE shares hypnotic polished pop on her chill debut single, ‘Exactly What You Want’.

is no stranger to the pop scene having toured as a backing vocalist for the likes of Rita Ora, Ella Eyre, Bebe Rexha and Martin Garrix so it’s really nice to hear her step to the front and release her own material. Co-written and produced by by Adam Argyle (Olly Murs, James Bay, Dua Lipa) ‘Exactly What You Want’ is refined to commercial pop perfection and will remind you of all your favourite sultry female voices in pop right now without getting lost in the crowd. There’s also a really lovely The Chainsmokers kind of sugary electronic pop vibe on the hooky chorus which makes for an effortless listening experience.

While familiar ‘Exactly What You Want’ also has a distinctive quality about it which lies in its eerie and trance like electronic textures, seeing the song create its own gravitational pull, hooking its listener into its mellow, ambient depths. This is the perfect setting for thisisNAMASTE to get intimate and upfront about what she’s all about and her intentions as the track explores the theme of being exactly who you are straight from the start of a relationship:

“This song is about me disclosing early on in a relationship that if you want me to be polished and perfect all the time, that just isn’t going to happen, but if you want someone to hang out and have a lot of fun with and don't mind that that same someone may potentially steal your food and clothes from time to time, then I’m the perfect girl for you! In the era of ‘#RelationshipGoals’ plastered across social media, I thought it would be fun to write a song with a light hearted take on the realities of most people in a comfortable relationship”.

thisisNAMASTE is the project of Scottish singer Natasha Stewart who is an incredibly exciting newcomer to the pop scene; a down to earth yet meticulously crafted introduction that should see thisisNAMASTE continue on a very promising upward trajectory.

Words of Karla Harris