Moonlight Breakfast - 'Summer'

Moonlight Breakfast deliver a sweltering dose of cosmic-tinged alternative pop on current single, ‘Summer’.

Moonlight Breakfast have a knack for creating feel-good dreamy soundscapes and ‘Summer’ is a hazy, torrid affair of blissful vocals, catchy bass grooves, crisp beats and cosmic synth. On this track, Moonlight Breakfast celebrate the nostalgia of beautiful summers and unjaded love, as lead singer Christie sings “summer nights keeping me up, I wanna waste time just looking up, star full of stars” it’s clear the lyrics are a simple stream of consciousness yet effective and relatable in their vivd imagery.

’Summer’ is an unhurried song which savours the moment sonically and thematically. Yet it doesn’t lack in excitement or spontaneity with its hugely infectious groove and shimmery textures, transporting its listener into a beautifully relaxed state of mind where possibilities are as endless as the stars in the sky.

Words of Karla Harris