FEET - 'Outer Rim'

FEET By Dave Willis.jpeg

Britpop is a term that has quite a few mixed opinions surrounding it – from cheesy, to outdated, to absolutely brilliant; but something has to be said about the fact that we all know the lyrics to most songs under that umbrella. FEET are a five-piece band from Coventry who are reviving the phrase and making it their own.

‘Outer Rim’ is the third song to be taken from FEET’s debut album, following ‘Ad Blue’ and ‘English Weather’. The best way to describe the eclectic, riotous noise of ‘Outer Rim’ is as Joy-Division-meets-Sonic-Youth. The band say that the song came from the debris of another, with “lyrical inspiration coming from seeing a shooting star.” Given that there is a whole wealth of influences coming from five different sources, settling on a sound must be difficult at times. Their style of writing seems to be all about thinking of the predictable outcome for the ideas they have, then completely scrapping that idea and seeking carnage instead. ‘Outer Rim’ starts off as any other chaotic indie song, and then erupts into an unstoppable force. FEET are difficult to define, but does it really matter, when they’re so bloody good?!

FEET’s debut album ‘What’s Inside is More Than Just Ham’ will be released on 4thOctober via Clapped Records.

Words by Tyler Damara Kelly