EP Review: Kid Kapichi – 'Sugar Tax'


‘Sugar Tax’ proves that Kid Kapichi are not one hit wonders – not that I had any doubt in my mind.

For fans of Kasabian, Slaves and the up and coming Ladybird, Kid Kapichi write big indie punk bangers. Their latest release Sugar Tax demonstrates that, and that these are a band that could take on the world. the EP features three previously released singles. First track ‘Glitterati’ is punchy critique of consumer culture and narcissism. ‘2019’, released at the beginning of this year, sticks two fingers up with its social commentary. ‘Revolver’, the oldest but by no means dated, of these singles, is the Wild West soundtrack to a booze and drug-fuelled night out. 

The new material Kid Kapichi has put out for fans on the brilliant Sugar Tax are ‘Make It on Your Own’ – already a classic Kid Kapichi monster with the captivating tremelo effected riff, huge chorus and simple yet effective solo. ‘Death Dips’ closes the EP with even more simple riffs that snake around the band like ‘The Hunter’. And Jack Wilson and Ben Beetham sing and bark through the microphone like Tom Meighan, Serge and Isaac Holman all in one. Plus, there’s a circus/merry-go-round lead guitar in the middle just to round everything off in its brilliance. 

Kid Kapichi should be on the radio more often and they should be headlining their own big shows in the next year or two, if not supporting the likes of Kasabian. That’s how much I believe in them and their music. The band will be touring with Frank Carter, so that shows that these guys are at least pretty good musically and live.

Words by Matthew Brocklehurst.