Call Me Karizma - 'RED ROSES'

Call Me Karizma.jpg

Minnesota alt-rapper, producer & songwriter Call Me Karizma drops playful and deranged demo, ‘RED ROSES’.

I’ve never really heard an artist make neurosis sound so chill and fresh until I heard Call Me Karizma’s dark and twisted demo ‘RED ROSES’ which still feels playful and ironic in its incredibly idiosyncratic execution. Call Me Karizma’s vocal ranges between a sense of despondency to hypnotic dark whispers, to lo fi yet impassioned and he has done this in a way that is powerful without exhausting his listener with full throttle intensity.

What is immediately clear about Call Me Karizma is his ability to intertwine and adapt several genres to create his own distinctive brand of music which presents itself as both familiar and unique in its own right. ‘RED ROSES’ shows off Call Me Karizma’s more left field, creative, fun side. But he’s also dropped a new record called ‘The Gloomy Tapes, Vol.2’ which is 7 tracks of beautiful, rousing, emotive, melodic, melancholic soundscapes and introspective, heartfelt lyrics. This is an insanely talented and intriguing artist who I’m so glad is now on my radar.

Words of Karla Harris