Faultress - 'Sanctuary'

Photo credit: Ana Lemos

Photo credit: Ana Lemos

Faultress is the project of multi disciplinary musician Rosi Croom who offers an immersive and enchanting listening experience on ‘Sanctuary’, taken from her forthcoming debut EP, ‘5 Myths’.

‘Sanctuary’ pulsates with a minimalist dark energy seeing it fall nicely into the brooding contemporary electronic pop category alongside the likes of Banks and FKA Twigs, yet Faultress channels all the quirks and mystique of otherworldly art pop artists like Kate Bush, while also encapsulaing a soulful avant-garde Bjork-esque splendour that commands your body to move to its bizarre rhythms.

Sanctuary is a fluid, airy, elemental track that is equally as ensnaring sonically as it is in its wonderful lyrical imagery. Faultress is a very special kind of musician whose distinctive voice whispers mysteries, leaving her listener hanging on every hushed, ethereal word.

Words of Karla Harris