Chernobyl Sunshine Club - 'Birthdayland'

Indie outfit Chernobyl Sunshine Club set out to stun on majestically melancholic single, ‘Birthdayland’.

’Birthdayland’ sees Chernobyl Sunshine Club drop their first single of the year and I’m quite confidently calling it their best release to date. This is the kind of track that has its listener tingling with excitement from the first second in. Chernobyl Sunshine Club open the track with buoyant, cinematic electronic textures which gave me a really random throwback to (please don’t judge me) Blue’s 2002 hit ‘U Make Me Wanna’ which I feel has aged quite well!

Chernobyl Sunshine Club have created a track with pop appeal, but it’s also an incredibly brooding and dark indie tune with the most gorgeous vocal and vocal melody seeing the track carry a hypnotic, hazy familiarity leaving its listener wanting more. ‘Birthdayland’ is a layered song, predominately driven by the looped electronic presence on the intro which embraces sorrow, but the band have built the track to be both light and dark. Chernobyl Sunshine Club weave eerie and tense indie rock textures, through lighter more shimmering tones before wrapping the song up with focus on the vocal and powerful lyrical imagery, complimented only by a beautiful minimal guitar arrangement. A truly captivating cut of beauty and bleakness, that sounds like lost shadows dancing in the moonlight.

Words of Karla Harris