Everyone Loves A Villain - 'Empty Mirrors'

Everyone Loves A Villain lash out at destructive and entitled human behaviour on hard-hitting melodic alternative rock single, ‘Empty Mirrors’.
Last year Everyone Loves A Villain released their debut album ‘Conflict, Volume 1’ and ‘Empty Mirrors’ is one of 7 impressive tracks that make up the album. ‘Empty Mirrors’ sees the band draw upon influences from 00s connoisseurs of metal-tinged alternative rock such as Breaking Benjamin and hard hitting hard rockers like Disturbed in its tightly driven, thunderous instrumentation.

’Empty Mirrors’ is aggressively executed with a spine-tingling, chilling atmosphere but where it’s sonically stunning, it’s also gripping in its ominous, thought-provoking lyrics that prod at the darkest parts of destructive human behaviour. Everyone Loves A Villain also mix up the dynamics, stripping the track back to a subtly cinematic, lyric-led segment in the latter half of the song before a suspenseful instrumental climax back into the track’s catchy hook. It’s emotional, it’s melodic, it’s high-energy and it’s expertly crafted to have contemporary commercial cross-over appeal without losing its enormous alternative kick.

Words of Karla Harris