Single Review: SkyDxddy - 'For the Misfits'

SkyDxddy hits back against homophobia on reassuring alternative anthem, ‘For The Misfits’.

SkyDxddy combines smooth, feel-good pop hooks with an urgent rap delivery on her anthemic confessional, ‘For the Misfits’. The track makes use of dark hip hop beats, melodic piano, and subtle cinematic touches, providing a touching yet restrained backdrop for the poignant lyrical theme to shine through. Sky Dxddy becomes more neurotic and unhinged as the lyrics cover the disappointment, frustration and hurt of other people’s intolerance, hatred and prejudice towards the gay community.

On the track, SkyDxddy explains: “I was outed at fifteen years old after getting caught with my girlfriend. Growing up in a traditional environment you end up being targeted for being different.. This song is about not giving two fucks about the judgment because "ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE US" and thats why its tattooed on my forearm. Stay strong. I'm fighting with you”.

’For the Misfits’ blazes with a fiery, resilient spirit as SkyDxddy encourages self acceptance, solidarity and defiantly spreads the positive message of not being discouraged by other people’s intolerance and ignorance. This is the perfect song for anyone struggling with their sexuality, or looking for uplifting songs to add to their pride/ LGBT playlists where today, we celebrate pride in London without shame.

Words of Karla Harris