The Artist Explains: tummyache - 'In Between'

Soren Bryce of alternative rock project tummyache talks us through the intimate home video style footage for powerful single, ‘In Between’ which pairs visual moments of joy with feelings of defeatism.

Where was the video for ‘In Between’ filmed?
The video for ‘In Between’ was filmed over the course of three years. It’s a collection of iPhone memories, old footage found on my computer, and things I filmed while I was on a few different tours.

How does the video connect with the song?
The video connects with the song because so much of the negativity I felt while writing ‘In Between’ was felt during these periods of time. While they are all small snapshots of good memories and being happy, how I actually felt in the years surrounding these moments was very low.

I used these clips to contrast and highlight the lyrics of the song, because I felt while the content of ‘In Between’ is quite cynical and hopeless, having the reminder of friendship and love made me feel quite hopeful because I was able to experience these things despite how I was feeling.

What do you hope people take away from watching the video?
I hope that people take away a few things; One - that no matter how happy or put together someone’s life might look, you may have no idea what they are experiencing internally or in their immediate personal life. Two - there is always some sort of hope to look for even in the worst times. Simple things like getting out of the house that day, going to a nice meal with friends, or getting to travel and spend time with people you care about.

Reminding yourself of the people that would be affected should something happen to you, to put it bluntly. Creating this video was very eye-opening in that regard. It was very therapeutic, and I’m so grateful it's finally out for others to see, and hopefully relate to.

Interview feature by Karla Harris