The Racer - 'I'll Find You In Dreams' feat. Tiphanie Doucet

The Racer teams up with Tiphanie Doucet for a shiveringly emotive dose of post rock-infused indie rock on new single, ‘I’ll Find You In Dreams’.

Led by a lonely piano arrangement ’I’ll Find You In My Dreams’ opens pairing melancholic, airy and buoyant textures which for me, has this cold yet magical, nostalgic wintery feel about it. Pete Marotta’s emotive gravelly vocal harmonises beautifully with Tiphanie Doucet’s soft, tender vocal as the track tells a compelling yet heartbreaking story of love, longing and heartbreak when you realise you can’t have the person you want.

As the song develops, the vocals transitions into ethereal and wild wails as words fall away and the line between reality and dreams starts to become painfully blurred. In turn, the instrumentation loses its restrain as it spirals, sparkles and swirls into a cathartic post rock-esque climax with huge cinematic appeal. A raw and evocative track executed with real grace and precision.

Words of Karla Harris