OK Button - 'Verso'

Scottish trio OK Button’s ‘Verso’ sighs with a serenity found only through the purest kind of love.

Born from a simple yet deeply affecting guitar melody, OK Button’s ‘Verso’ opens pairing organic textures with ethereal ambience, adding a spacious backdrop for lead singer Amber’s soothing vocal to soar freely. Everything about the song is tenderly and thoughtfully crafted. It’s a track concerned with making use of pleasing aesthetics from its cinematic flourishes to its slightly left field bursts of synth, which add a more robust and transformative energy to the song and reminds me of a whirling mechanism fuelled by love.

Thematically, Amber explains ‘Verso’ is about “mental health issues and life circumstances separating you from someone you love. On a basic level, the song reflects on fond memories and how you will never let them go.  On a deeper level, when you’re so close to someone and connected by love - you can feel them, their authentic essence, that warmth, even when they’re not there. They become part of you. That energy, the intangible closeness of love - is so strong that it can carry you through the hardest of times, you can hold on to it. It's beyond physical, therefore it can even survive death. I find that reassuring”.  

OK Button do one of my favourite things in music in frequently pairing melancholia with tranquility, a combination that leaves their listener’s emotions thoroughly shaken but in the most peaceful of ways.

Words of Karla Harris

Live Dates:
27th July – Tunnels, Aberdeen
28th July – King Tut’s Summer Nights (headline show), Glasgow