Live Review: Flyte - Omera, London - 04/07/2019

Flyte - Omera - 04_07_19 - Milly McAlister 11.jpg

Performing an intimate set at London’s Omeara, Flyte showcased new music in the lead up to the release of their new single, ‘White Roses’. 

The evening started with a beautiful performance by Elouise. With a voice like velvet and lyrics that mirror it, it was nothing short of spellbinding. She bagged the opening gig after being discovered by the group from an Instagram cover of their song Cathy Come Home. Describing them as her favourite band, she said that she felt incredibly lucky to be performing with them and once her set was over she would be joining everyone back in the crowd and ‘crying my eyes out along with you’. 

As the band took to the stage it soon became clear that tonight was going to differ to any ordinary Flyte gig. Walking on with a whiskey and water bottle, Vocalist Will Taylor explained that as Sam was unable to make it to the performance and had “turned into a lady”, his space was being filled by fellow musician and friend Jessica Staveley-Taylor of The Staves. With only a short time to learn all the parts to the old, new and even unreleased tracks, she made the feat look (and sound) effortless. Another difference would be the set list. The evening served as an opportunity to showcase new music the quartet have been working on since the release of their debut album ‘The Loved Ones’ almost 2 years ago. With tickets selling out in a matter of minutes, this audience were surely the most fitting critics. 

The evening began with the classics; Victoria Falls was the perfect choice to raise the mood and have a little boogie. It was also an excellent distraction from the venue’s slowly rising temperature from the summer heat! Everyone was happy to see them back. Taylor explained that they’d been away for a while, writing music in their bedroom. They’ve even been writing in the run up to the show as they played some new untitled tracks followed by White Roses, the collaborative single between themselves and The staves (to be released at midnight that day). Also, a new song titled ‘Never going to stop trying to break your heart’. 

The time had come, song that everyone had been waiting for and staple of any Flyte performance... Archie, Marry Me. Instruments were set aside and microphone stands adjusted as their buttery smooth vocals began to swell and fill the room. It was shortly followed by an extended version of Cathy Come Home as the evening was nearing its end. During the encore, Taylor stood alone with his guitar and performed a song he had finished writing the day before, explaining that he was in ‘breakup mode’ and is always writing. 

With new music on its way, the evening gave an exclusive insight into what’s to come and certainly left everyone wanting more. Keep your ears peeled, Flyte are back. 

Words and Photography by Milly McAlister