Album Review: Fangclub - 'Vulture Culture'


Heavy, humble and epic, Fangclub release their welcomed second album, 'Vulture Culture'.

Lead singer and guitarist, Steven King, says 'the theme of the album became violent, theres a lot of violence in the tone of it, towards yourself and other things'. Its safe to say the 3 piece grunge rockers have returned with something emotionally involving, direct and wonderfully toxic.

As soon as the haunting, 'Last Time' gently cradles you and exposes its mission of introducing the record, your pushed onto a ride your reluctant to get off. Songs like title track 'Vulture Culture' explode in your ears with crunching hooks and soft fearful vocals. 'Nightmare' and 'Viva Violent' have an almost punky pop bounce that are head noddingly sumptuous.

A stand out track on the album, 'Every Day' thumps it's way with solemn melodies showing off the bands style and emotive expression. Theres a real personal battle with this record as the threat of mental illness is rife within the world we live in and this is tackled with close to the heart lyrics and a destructive feel. Particularly evident in the single release, 'Hesitations', that riff alone will consume you making the tender vocals raw and honest.

Whereas the ultimate reflection of the album is rageful and aggressive, 'King Dumb' leaves a lighter taste in the mouth. The song is decorated with again, a punky rock edge that is infectious and enjoyable. The personal struggles the band have encountered over the years are smashed into you graciously, highlighting the message they want to convey in the darkness of 'Heavy Handed' and 'All I Have'. Anthemic drums and simple, but clever songwriting wash through the tracks leading you to the querky 'Black Rainbow'. Still possessing a growling groove the song demonstrates Fangclubs variation and skill leaving you fulfilled and by the time last song, 'Slow' erupts into life, there is an appreciation of the effort and pain that went behind making this album.

The band say they are proud of this record and they should be. A genuinely addictive listen, 'Vulture Culture' is a fine effort from the the Irish powerhouse and will have you hitting that repeat button over and over again.

Released 5th July via Vertigo Records, the album will make sure your attention doesn't waiver and establishes Fangclub as an act you cant ignore.

Words by Olly Dean