Twin Dive - 'Animal'

Twin Dive.png

European rock is on the rise – Twin Dive proves it’s worth your time.

Twin Dive’s latest release ‘Animal’ is a hefty slice of dark and gloomy sludge alternative rock. The Danish trio create an eerie, atmospheric and rollercoaster of heavy rock music that is only enhanced by the David Lynch inspired five-minute short film that accompanies it. Robert Jancevich’s vocals give a nod towards the big four 90s grunge vocalists and his riffs drone with fuzz and menacing, throwing in a bizarre note in there every now and then to keep you on edge.  Together with bass player Charlotte Mortensen and drummer ‘Raggi’ Gudmunds, Twin Dive play heavy with no intention of compromise. The tempo is slow and deominc – so slow in fact it sounds like the record is being played back to find Satanic messages.

Lyrically inspired by a “sexually predominant experience”, ‘Animal’ is about “knowing and taming your inner animal”. Twin Dive go back to the lyrical themes that littered 70s rock. However, they do so with taste and keep it modern. It’s not ‘Cock Rock’ or ridiculously masculine – ‘Animal’ is more Led Zeppelin than Motley Crue.

Quite a few bands have popped up recently from Europe (Viagra Boys, Nelson Can to name a couple) and what is great is that none of them sound the same. Hopefully, these bands will continue to develop; and that Twin Dive will continue with what they’re doing.

Words of Matthew Brocklehurst