Your Own Medicine - 'Dark Skies'

Your Own Medicine revise and revisit the best of alt rock and post hardcore influences on haunting single, ‘Dark Skies’.

Opening with a high energy full band alternative rock sound, Your Own Medicine’s ‘Dark Skies’ is a huge shot of adrenaline that smacked me back to the mid-noughties and all the post hardcore/ anthemic emo leaning music I loved best as a teenager. Your Own Medicine bring nostalgia and familiarity in their thrilling arrangements and gorgeous, melodic vocal on ‘Dark Skies’ that made me shiver with excitement as if I was 16 all over again proving that these genre influences can age well.

Your Own Medicine also operate with maturity, free from coming of age angst. Instead, the band shows off an incredibly polished, contemporary sound that doesn’t have a target audience. ‘Dark' Skies’ is the first song taken from Your Own Medicine’s new album due out Summer 2019 and thematically explores the imaginative concept of a fictional superhero struggling with the balance of keeping secrets and possibly hurting the ones he loves but for the greater good of the overall world.

Despite the fictional theme, ‘Dark Skies’ profound lyrics can be interpreted to fit into relatable day to day situations, “we live in hard times, I want to be there for you”, “we live in hard times, we’re surrounded by all of these dark skies”, reflecting the more pressing issues we can face in our personal lives and the world we currently live in as a whole. ‘Dark Skies’ is an emotionally rich song that seeps a powerful melancholia both thematically and sonically. The track reveals itself as a tender confessional while also including rousing, anthemic vocal harmonies, and energetic instrumentation that leans towards the dark, atmospheric side, clocking in at 3 minutes 43 seconds of spine-tingling alternative rock with a brilliant crossover pop appeal.

Words of Karla Harris

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