EP Review: L.A. PEACH – ‘Come On Over And Test Me’

l.a. peach.jpg

Handle-bar moustaches have never been neater than they are on Welshman L.A. Peach’s narrative chin. A master of music to soundtrack your life to, he releases his latest EP ‘Come On Over and Test Me’ via Sad Club Records (August 9th). 

One for the razor-sharp lyricism lovers, this four tracked gem will unapologetically put your well lived know-it-all’s under a slacker-pop spell of re-invention and then tell you about it afterwards. Recorded with support from an extended band of four, opening track ‘Sudden Love Affair’ is exactly what it says on the tin; all sweet-talking guitar swirls and lingered relaxations whilst ‘I Can Remember Where You Are’ is a boogied and oh so trickled, black coffee drinking in your vintage satin ballad, that indefinitely awakens butterflies to start crooning inside your belly after each huskily kissed wooze. It’s the kind of song you might play whilst smearing on layers of cream before bed just to help soak in a little bit more luxury.  

Then there’s ‘Snake’. A hissy beated twang, it slips and slides and then coils itself into a breath snatcher of purifyingly “Kaa’”tingles. ‘Very Modern ends the show in a sweetly duet-ed manner that’s poetically  watchful of modern-day pretences for all its rights and wrongs. Two-minutes thirty in and the drum starts to snap spittle euphorically, notifying all that we’re back open for business. 

“A wild card baby”, you need this in your life. 

Words of Alex Mills