Eli Lev - 'To the Stars'

Eli Lev shows off the best of upbeat and introspective indie folk pop on optimistic new single, ‘To the Stars’.

Eli Lev shines a sonic flashlight into his listeners ears to illuminate their brain cells with sheer joy and positivity on his new single, ’To the Stars’. Fundamentally feel-good, Lev makes use of familiar upbeat melodies and a full folk pop sound giving the track a contemporary feeling without losing itself in a web of “sounds like” contemporaries. However, ‘To the Stars’ does not shine without first recognising struggles.

Lev plays with rawer, stripped dynamics which show off the gorgeous earthy tone to his vocals and and fully exposes the introspective and darker nature of his heartfelt lyrics, unveiling the brooding folk foundations that underpin his sound. Lev lets his listener in on deeper, more sorrowful feelings of emptiness and looking for a way out, before mustering the courage to replenish his spirit in the empowering lyrics, “I’m blowing the ember, my flame will rise”, leaving his listener feeling hopeful and lighter alongside him.

’To the Stars’ is the first song taken from Lev’s upcoming album, 'Deep South' due for release Autumn 2019 . This is a deeply beautiful, organic and touching cut seeing Lev shares his personal experiences to remind his listener that through resilience, there’s hope. And this too shall pass.

Words of Karla Harris