RUNAH - 'Beings'

RUNAH follows up her debut album ‘S T R A N G E’ with a fresh new hit of mysticism on otherworldly art folk single, ‘BEINGS’.

is not a confessional singer-songwriter by any conventional standards. Her songs are shrouded in mystery, magic and dark, ambiguous emotion that makes her listener feel connected; yet also turns them upside down as they try to find their own truths, whilst navigating RUNAH’s prosperous world of evocative lyrical themes and occult pop-tinged soundscapes.

‘BEINGS’ is the first look into RUNAH’s second album, MOTHER’, which is said to be an album concerned with birth and the different versions of ourselves we become and ultimately let go of throughout our lifetimes. RUNAH’s music is often concerned with exploring the human condition from its most complex, philosophical bones and she light-footedly treads into the deepest depths of creations most unanswered questions, finding connectivity with the natural world, and channeling all the expansive lightness, darkness and energy of the cosmos as a whole.

Produced with David Virgin, Rohan Healy and Al Quiff at Beardfire Studio, Dublin, ‘BEINGS’ flourishes from wonky folk roots and poetic natural imagery to incorporate eerie synth that sounds like an alien vs cowboy shoot out in space on the chorus. ‘BEINGS’ packs a dark and twisted percussive punch, withering with an organic, shadowy fluidity that grabs you by the chin, turns your head to the side and whispers scorned riddles and siren warnings into your ears; its powerful resounding mantras, “how dare you”, and “the beings are crying” hit home with a clarity that is curiously befitting of many social-political and environmental concerns of our current times.

Words of Karla Harris