Ariel View – 'Friday Nights'


Having just signed to Epitaph Records (Weezer, Bring Me The Horizon) Ariel View are here to bring you all the femme-powered 90’s nostalgia your hearts can literally desire- with no tears and no knots.

There’s something innately satisfying with writing lists. Shopping lists are an essential but delving further into literary catalogue and you’re reminded of youth fuelled lifetimes that never seemed to end and where making essay-ed lists about all the rights and wrongs of the world, the kind of subject matter that only pen to paper can help make sense of, was as stereotypically ‘teenager’ as it was therapeutic. 

This energetically channelled focus is exactly what Ontario based Ariel View have embraced to the max-only they’ve made it sound way cooler. Their latest single ‘Friday Nights’ is an indie-d pop-punk account of vocalist Harmonie Martinez’s end of a relationship and it’s really frickin’ addictive. With a banded drive to connect with some of the most universally challenged emotions, there’s heartbreak and betrayal all being grasped in the most harmoniously empathetic embrace. 

‘The words are coming out so easily’ for this inspired four piece as they put soundtrack to honest relatability. Enjoyably catchy with under-toned realness, if this track doesn’t get stuck in your head for hours afterwards then you’re doing something wrong. 

Words by Al Mills