SOEUR - 'Better'


The fun of Soeur lies in the ceaseless unpredictability of their songs. Often it feels as though the songs are an amalgamation of numerous separated ideas that have been pulled together, and roughly stitched into completion. It’s these jagged moments, that give Soeur their idiosyncrasies.

 ‘Better’ is the latest offering from the Bristolian three-piece, and vocalist/guitarist Tina Maynard says the song is “a gentle reminder to myself to get down off my high horse and appreciate that we all live our lives in different ways, and that that is both okay and amazing.” What starts out as melodically upbeat, dives into volatile moodiness and continues in a cycle. The harmonic contrast between Tina and Anya Pulver’s vocals really adds to the contradicting emotions that lay at the heart of the song. From asking someone to give it up at the start of the song, through to deciding that it’s better if you give it up, yourself; their writing always comes from two sides of a story and most importantly, they always end up meeting halfway to bring it all together.

 Soeur’s upcoming EP ‘No Show’ will be released on 23rd September.

Words by Tyler Damara Kelly