PIZZAGIRL - ‘ball’s gonna keep on rollin’


Never have the Broadway sparkled streets of New York City sounded more enticing than they do in Pizzagirl’s latest single ‘ball’s gonna keep on rollin’ (via Heist or Hit). Neon lit signs reflect promise in oily puddles of grey mundane as our ears saunter through crowded streets of the most enchanted 80s synth-pop this decade has to offer. 

Like a segue sequence straight ‘outta the corridors of Fame, Pizzagirl punchily spins a tale of chasing success in an immediate finger snapping shade of disco. Gleaming heart, guts and power, this Liverpool based artist almost certainly has exhibition-ed empathy running through his veins as he dancingly touches on the well-patched up journey a person can take from wide-eyed beginnings to ‘washed-up superstar’, all in a delivered montage of anecdotal dreams.  

There’ll be no waiting tables just to pay the rent tonight as with the gentle guidance of some high-flying metronome, we are able to slip out of our daily grinded uniforms, cut loose and finally have some fun. 

“If life bites back you know that surely, the balls gonna keep on rollin’”

Words by Al Mills

Live Dates
18th-21st September – Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg
14th October - Rough Trade, Bristol (in-store)
15th October - Rough Trade, Nottingham (in-store)
21st November - Auster-Club, Berlin
22nd November - Yuca, Cologne
23rd November - Le Pop-Up du Label, Paris
24th November - Upstairs at Paradiso, Amsterdam
26th November - The Shacklewell Arms, London
27th November - Yes (Basement), Manchester
28th November - Phase One, Liverpool
30th November – Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds