Hugar - 'Logn'

Hugar offer space for contemplation on soul-stirring cinematic instrumental, ‘Logn’.

’Logn’ opens sparsely yet soothingly with a solemn piano arrangement that sounds like the tranquil trickling of rain, soon met by a string section that floats in like a forewarning breeze. It’s a contemplative piece of music that evokes the energy of the natural world, as well as tapping into the frailty of human nature.
As the track develops, ‘Logn’ swells with evocation, becoming increasingly more cinematic as the track fleshes out with woozy brass and guitar sections, and swirling electronics.

Hugar often tap into solemn, bleak and isolated atmospheres through their music. But they do so with an all consuming expansive which leaves their listener feeling awash with emotion. Taken from Hugar’s second album, 'Varða’ (due for release August 23rd via Sony Masterworks) ‘Logn’ is a startling piece of lump-in-your-throat, ambient excellence, that truly transcends beauty.

Words of Karla Harris